Tommy Tomato: The Early Days

In 2013, after previous unsuccessful attempts to raise tomatoes in our chilly and often fog-draped San Francisco yard, we decided to utilize “greenhouse” effects and try to grow a plant indoors. The plant, whom we called Tommy Tomato, succeeded wildly. He lived almost a year and bore fruit numerous times.

In Tommy’s early weeks, we would move him from the front to the back of the house, following the sun during the day. In the back sunroom he would sit happily on a little picnic table by the window, often tented within sheer curtains, supported by a split pair of chopsticks. He was fun and easy to photograph when he was this size. (Later he would grow to well over five feet tall and become hard to isolate in a shot.)

The photos here are from the early weeks of Tommy Tomato Plant. We miss you, Tommy. So do our salads.


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