Eternal Duty

Kilroy was here, and he left this checkpoint mannequin. This image was captured in 2013 at what is now the Nike Missile Site and Cold War Museum: click here to learn more. For more impressions of the “ruins” of military sites you can see while hiking in the Headlands near San Francisco, see my previous three posts and images in this blog, and come back again over the next week.

Eternal Duty

Sleeping Man: Grandpa Plane Tree

I love trees, and love the patterns and subtle colors in tree bark. While photographing the grizzled, much-pruned trees in the Music Concourse of Golden Gate Park, I zoomed in to check the sharpness of one exposure and was delighted to see, in the close crop, the Churchillian face of a sleeping man. Disney’s “Pocahantas” may lay claim to Grandmother Willow, but Golden Gate Park apparently boasts its own Grandpa Plane Tree.

Sleeping Man