Golden Gate Park

A Ferris Wheel in The City

This year, San Francisco celebrates the 150th birthday of Golden Gate Park. Sort of! The Covid-19 pandemic closures hit just weeks before the main events were to begin on April 4. In a nod to the Midwinter Fair of 1894, a large ferris wheel was installed — or partially installed (no seating yet) — in the Music Concourse. Like the tower of the deYoung Museum, it’s visible above the canopy of the park from several vantage points in the City.

I’ve been out (physically distancing) a number of times during the shutdown. For a photographer, the ferris wheel adds novelty to familiar locations, and an interesting background for more creative pieces. Here’s a slideshow.

Sutro Sun

It isn’t the Golden Gate Bridge that’s most visible all over the Bay Area, but Sutro Tower, a radio/TV behemoth atop a hill in the middle of San Francisco. I was shooting in Golden Gate Park this weekend when the sun began to burn through the fog, and as it rose in its journey it passed behind Sutro Tower. The fog was thick enough that the tower’s silhouette showed only where the sun was visible. Wonderful effect!