Form and Function

This isn’t a tree; it’s actually a striking metal sculpture called “Split,” by Roxy Paine (2003). But for this bird at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle, it resembles a tree, has altitude and view and general perchability … so why not?

Sculpture “Split” with bird, 2003 Roxy Paine. Seen at Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park, June 2017.


Shadow Season

Look about you — even inert objects and places appear differently at different times of the day and year. September and October, San Francisco’s sunniest months, are also the months when morning light cuts its strongest angle through a gate and into my building’s outer stairway. Thus, this abstract image. If you return with your  camera to familiar places over the year and years, you’ll begin to notice, and to remember at least subconsciously, the shifting angles of light and meteorological effects and how they might work with your subjects.