Ocean Beach

Instead of Tulips …

Last week I headed out to the west edge of Golden Gate Park, in hopes of photographing tulips by the Dutch Windmill. I had put it off, for a number of reasons, but still hoped that there would be some straggler beauties. But no: only a few leaning and wrinkled tulips remained. It was already late afternoon, and so I nearly turned for home.

You don’t have to go far, though, for a view of the ocean. It looked vigorous, and was topped with shifting and interesting clouds. So I headed to Ocean Beach. I photographed my way north from the silver blues there on the beach, to the golden late sun that emerged as I hit the Lands End corner of San Francisco. Winds were strong, but the views and trees were lovely. And to cap off the outing, I met some visitors to The City who let me snap their photo in the warm late light, to send along to them later.

Here is some art work that emerged from that outing, which I present “in lieu of flowers.”