Stow Lake

Opening Soon — “The Park: A Love Story”

It’s been a busy year as I’ve prepared for my solo exhibit at the San Francisco Botanical Garden, in Golden Gate Park. But it’s almost here now and everything’s coming together. “The Park: A Love Story,” with landscapes and flora from Golden Gate Park, will run from September 1 – December 31. If you live in the area or are visiting, I hope you’ll stop in for a look! I especially look forward to seeing friends at the Artist’s Reception on September 15, 5 – 7 p.m.  (There will be other events during the run … more later …)

This piece, “Strawberry Hill Path,” is printed large for the show. The base capture came on the first of June this year. Little did I know how completely its foggy scene would foretell this extraordinarily foggy summer — even for the west side! — in San Francisco.

To Get to the Other Side

The resident Canada geese were prolific this spring at Stow Lake, in Golden Gate Park. I counted at least five dozen in a morning stroll around the lake; perhaps half of those were new offspring who are already as big as their parents. Here, one group returns from a brief forage on the other side of the road that circles the lake. Urban birds know to use the crosswalk!