The fastidious side of me loves finding balanced scenes like this. Surely the fastidious side of someone loved laying out these elements at Kezar Stadium, at the east end of Golden Gate Park. Until 1970-71, amazingly enough, the SF 49ers played at this venue. It’s been revamped a couple of times since then; this image was on a foggy morning earlier this month.

Marin Headlands’ Hill 88: Views

Hill 88, which includes the column I pictured in my “Kilroy Was Here” image on August 11, was the radar control station for Nike missiles once stationed throughout the Headlands. To provide a sense of location, I share today some views of, and from, Hill 88.

My first panoramic image, of morning light, was captured from the back balcony of the 400 Parnassus building on the campus of UCSF. (It’s freely accessible to the public, and an “open secret” for photographers seeking a 180 degree viewpoint that includes Golden Gate Park and a view to downtown.) The telephoto image looks out over the nearby park to the Headlands beyond. Follow the ridgeline (and pull out your magnifying glass) to find the illuminated Hill 88 buildings about a quarter of the way in from the left. They’re in a similar spot in the second picture, taken from Lands End on an overcast day when a brunch trip to Louis’ coincided with the aircraft carrier Nimitz sailing into the City. (The long row of white sticks on the carrier deck? The crew of the Nimitz.)

Hill 88 itself offers a sweeping outlook, if often sea-fogged and breezy. Even the contemplative crow likes its view south toward San Francisco.

Pictures will expand when you click on them. I’ll be continuing with images of the area’s vacated bunkers, batteries, and installations, over the next couple of weeks.


Headlands from SF

Marin Headlands in background, Golden Gate Park in foreground, in morning light. Seen from Parnassus Hill.

Aircraft carrier Nimitz sailing into Golden Gate Strait in 2012.

Sailing into Golden Gate Strait in 2012.

Looking toward San Francisco from Hill 88.

Looking toward San Francisco from Hill 88.

San Francisco and points south, from Hill 88.

San Francisco and points south, from Hill 88.