Decisive Moment

Sutro Sun

It isn’t the Golden Gate Bridge that’s most visible all over the Bay Area, but Sutro Tower, a radio/TV behemoth atop a hill in the middle of San Francisco. I was shooting in Golden Gate Park this weekend when the sun began to burn through the fog, and as it rose in its journey it passed behind Sutro Tower. The fog was thick enough that the tower’s silhouette showed only where the sun was visible. Wonderful effect!

MUNI Padiddle

Ever hear the term “padiddle”? Until my search engine verified it, I sometimes wondered if I was imagining the word and memory. There are many versions of the padiddle game, which is usually played during car rides, and some variations are more risque than others.

The way I learned it, a person who first spots a vehicle with just one functioning headlight gets to kiss a person seated beside him or her. Many was the time my heart pounded with dorky hope, but I have no memory of being a kiss giver or recipient. In case you’re wondering, I was alone on the night of this recent image, when a padiddly MUNI train rumbled out of the fog. Click open to see larger, and view it next to someone you love.