Music Concourse

Fog Walk: A True Story

As I entered Golden Gate Park, it appeared that the first fog of autumn would be short-lived. It was already dissolving in wonderfully filtered sunlight when I reached a favorite stand of trees on the outskirts of the ballfields.

But by the time I reached the Music Concourse, twenty minutes later, the fog was as heavy as ever, even laced with sprinkles. Goethe and Schiller huddled, thrown off kilter, wondering if this was perhaps a fake news event.

The Roman Gladiator, always a man of action, was determined to resist. There was a vaguely quixotic feel to his battle with the elements.

On the other hand, Francis Scott Key sat back in contemplative resignation. Or maybe he was just preocuupied with thoughts of his most famous poem and what had become of it in recent days. Below him, fog or no fog, the blackbirds made their daily rounds.



Welcome to Fogland: Video

We hung the show over the weekend — now just working on the opening reception! It’s this Friday, September 5, 6 – 9 pm at Canessa Gallery, 708 Montgomery Street in San Francisco. Drop by if you’re in town!

Meanwhile, here’s a video sampler preview up on Vimeo. It includes some of the works that will be on the wall as well as some that will be part of a video slideshow at the gallery. Watch in HD if you can!