Presidio Light: Lovers’ Lane

Every photographer has them: places you love to go shooting, but just don’t get to very often. The Presidio of San Francisco is one such place for me. This incredible gem is a former military base that now blends historical sites, hiking and natural areas, art and cultural destinations, and a home for nonprofits and other low-impact businesses. Quite a list, and I’m probably leaving things out. As the crow flies, the Presidio is only two miles from my home, yet somehow I don’t get there very often … and when I do, I end up asking why not.

Two weeks ago I spent the better part of a day there. My exploration started with a long stay along Lovers’ Lane, which angles into the Presidio from its southeast corner. Here are some images from those hours as fog tried to burn off, then returned, then disappeared halfway again. I began where the Presidio Wall divides the park from the City, and ambled down from there, enjoying the moody eucalyptus groves, the row of old brick military housing, and always, the wonderful play of fog and light.