Blossoms of the New Year

In San Francisco, February has brought the Lunar New Year, announced by snapping firecrackers, and also — given our mild climate — the gift of blossoming trees. Plum trees are most plentiful in this month, lining streets and gathered in parks. In time, their white/pink blossoms float down, blow in petaled eddies, and collect on plants and sidewalks.

I was at Stow Lake on Valentine’s weekend and captured this image of plum petals on leaves.

The following day, running errands, I saw what at first glance seemed more petals drifted together by the sidewalk. But I was struck and puzzled by their vibrant red color. Was this some variety or tree unfamiliar to me?

I stooped closer and saw that I had been tricked. Not petals. No: these were the shredded remains of firecrackers.


A Ferris Wheel in The City

This year, San Francisco celebrates the 150th birthday of Golden Gate Park. Sort of! The Covid-19 pandemic closures hit just weeks before the main events were to begin on April 4. In a nod to the Midwinter Fair of 1894, a large ferris wheel was installed — or partially installed (no seating yet) — in the Music Concourse. Like the tower of the deYoung Museum, it’s visible above the canopy of the park from several vantage points in the City.

I’ve been out (physically distancing) a number of times during the shutdown. For a photographer, the ferris wheel adds novelty to familiar locations, and an interesting background for more creative pieces. Here’s a slideshow.